Flash Your Yarn!

Be proud of your creativity - show us your yarn.

Everyone loves eye-candy, especially wool dyed with food color.

Do you have a drool worthy self striping, a gradation, or a variegated hank to show off?

Did you use a great base yarn that you'd like to share?

Rescue a sweater or overdye a ball of yarn found stuffed in the back of the closet?

Find the perfect stitch pattern or project to show off your dyed yarn? We want to see it!

Sister Marie shares a yummy hank, (and a wonderful photo, too).

Sister Marie says " Here is my 1st hank I ever dyed. I used PAAS Easter Egg dye to do it. The yarn is Paton's Classic Wool Roving yarn #5 bulky. I steamed it in a pot and it is hand painted."

For this project Dancejunky "used 131g left of recycled, fingering weight yarn, in a lambswool/angora blend. I plan to use it for stranded color work in a pair of socks."

"The recycled yarn is from a thrift-store sweater I unraveled, so the socks will have cost about $1.70 in materials. Yippee!"

See how to make this yarn.

Try not to drool too much over Sasknit's amazing hank and elegant cowl.

Her base yarn is Lion Brand Collection 100% pure wool.

This project has it all.

It's wool, it's dyed with Wilton black icing color, it's dyed in a crock pot AND….

Roxana knitted the skeins into these cozy yet bold socks

A scrumptious gradated hank, couldn't you just snuggle this!

Carol R skeined one hank into 6 sections and dyed each section in a glass jar.

Here's a tutorial I made along the same idea.

Carol's yarn wound into a cake.

Cakes take a bit longer to wind then balls, but isn't the effort worth it.

I'd be tempted to display this cake for a few weeks before I knit it up.

Debbie R transformed a ho-hum pink Briggs and Little skein into red brown and dark brown.

Making great shades of browns isn't easy, but Debbie has the knack.

The light pink adds a warmth to the finished yarn.

Feast your eyes on these overdyes!

The base yarn was pink.

Colors like Debbie's should convince you never to pass up a pink skein or sweater for a good price.

Think overdye.

Teresa R shows what Wilton black icing gel and a crock pot can do. Breaking black is a bit of alchemy, you never know quite how the hank will absorb the food color.

Rust, violet, emerald, chocolate- who knows how your hank will turn out? And broken black is even more spectacular in person. The dye travels along the yarn, making a candy striped effect, or spots, or subtle transitions.

We took this scarf and dyed it four different way, in the different colorways.

Hints on overdyeing, handpaint, gradient, and dip dyeing - all on one pages.

Another way to Break Black Wilton, try it- you'll be hooked.

Formulas and Photos of Pantone colors, straight off the catwalk and into your dyepot.

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