The Wilton 12 Pack
A Whole Lot of Fun

Take a look at these samples, and I'm sure you'll agree!

The Wilton 12 pack contains three primary colors: lemon, no-taste red and royal.

Golden yellow leans to orange. Pink is girly-girl. Burgundy is very red, while violet is more blue than many purples. Teal is dark baby-blue. Copper certainly is orange. Brown is warm and the black has a red cast.

Wilton Icing Gel needs vinegar to bond to wool and nylon. The amount of vinegar depends on the color. The blues and greens need about three times as much as the yellow and reds.

Wilton Icing- lemon, golden ,pink, no-taste, burgundy, violet

Wilton icing- royal, teal, kelly, copper, brown, black

The sample hanks are 1/16 teaspoon Wilton® Icing Gel on .2 oz Lion Brand® Fishermen's Wool.

This amount of gel produces a saturated dyebath. Using more gel will leave food color in the dyebath that will not bond.

These are the darkest colors possible with just Wilton® on white wool.

Many of the colors will deepen (but also dull) when dyeing gray yarn.

Boxed set of 12 Wilton icing colors

Royal Blue can be tricky to use because it has red 3. The red bonds faster, and will coat the outer surface of the yarn and cause a halo. To prevent haloing soak yarn in the Royal blue dyebath (without vinegar) overnight.

See this page for hints about dyeing with blue.

  • "No Taste" Red has red 40 and will not break.

  • Vinegar added to Violet will turn the dyebath bluer.

  • Teal isn't very green.

  • Kelly is a very strong color. If you'd like to mix Kelly with another Wilton gel use a tiny bit.

  • Burgundy will crock if you use too much. If you'd like a shade as dark as the photo, you should use a gray or red base-yarn.

  • Copper is orange rather than the peach shown on the box.

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How to make pastel Wilton

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