Wilton® Hannah Montana Set
Bold and Sassy

This Wilton® set is worth having just for the Purple! The color of the king's robes in Fairy Tales (or of certain NFL team's jerseys). The purple is easy to use and very dark.

This color purple is only available in the Hannah Montana icing set, according to Wilton®.

The Hannah Montana blue is sky blue, a bit like a robin's egg. A hint of yellow compared to other blues in the Wilton® line.

Now here is where things get confusing.

The box lists pink and bright pink. The jars are labeled "Pink, Rosa, Rose" and "Pink, Rose."

According to Wilton, the jars contain Pink (#610-256) and Rose (# 610-401).

After dyeing a pastel and a saturated hank of each color, I believe the "Pink, Rosa, Rose" is the Pink.

Pink is a light red.

Rose is a pink with a green tone. When you open the jar, it looks almost brown.

Here are photos of sample hanks of Hannah Montana Purple, Blue, Pink and Rose.

Wilton Hannah Montana icing set Purple dyed wool yarnWilton Hannah Montana icing set Blue dyed wool yarn

Wilton Hannah Montana icing set Pink dyed wool yarnWilton Hannah Montana icing set Rose dyed wool yarn

To uncover which food colors are blended for each shade, I put a drop of each on a coffee filter.

Wilton Hannah Montana Purple on filter paperWilton Hannah Montana Blue on filter paper

Wilton Hannah Montana Pink on filter paperWilton Hannah Montana Rose on filter paper

Purple is red and green food color.

Blue is pure blue food color.

Pink is red food color.

Rose is a mixture of red and green.

Hints about using the Wilton® Hannah Montana set:
  • Purple contains red and green. Add a bit of vinegar to the dye bath to allow the red to bond and then add more vinegar to get the green to bond.

    The red seems to be red40, so you won't need to worry about halos.
    A halo is when the red stays on the surface of the yarn while the green penetrates to the yarn core. This shouldn't occur with purple.

  • The Blue is easy to use because it is a single color. It needs more vinegar and time to bond than the pink and rose.

  • Go easy on the vinegar with Pink.

  • Rose will take some fiddling with. Use a small amount of vinegar to bond the red. Add a bit more vinegar and then wait.
    The secret is to allow enough time for the green to bond. Depending on the base yarn, it make take several hours to overnight.

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How to make pastel Wilton® colors

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