Wilton Food Colors,
Sets and Hints

Many food dye fanatics flirt with Kool-Aid and then succumb to Wilton.

Wilton has dozen of pre-made shades. You can mix them together. Or mix them with Kool-Aid, Klass, McCormick or any other artificial food color brand.

Designed to make cake frosting, the premixed colors come in 1 oz and 1/2 oz screw top containers.

Unlike Kool-Aid (which contains citric acid), Wilton will not bind to wool by itself. You will need to add white vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid during the dyeing process.

Wilton is perfectly safe for children to use, and won't contaminate measuring spoons and mixing bowls (so you can use them for food preparation later).

As Wilton also contains sugars and glycerine, rinse your fiber well after dyeing.

Wilton comes in a gel. A little goes along way. I use a 1/16 teaspoon for .2 oz of Lion Brand Fishermen wool yarn.

Wilton General Information


  • Many premixed colors. Available in singles, sets of two, four and twelve, related floral colors and cartoon character themes.
  • Sold in some big box craft stores, baking and party supply stores
  • Some reds are red3 and some red 40
  • Concentrated
  • Easy to use


  • Requires vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid
  • After opening, the gel may dry out but it can still be used.
  • In high concentrations some blues look the same.
  • Kelly green is a very strong color. You may find it easier to mix yellow and blue for shades other than Kelly.
  • Violet will become bluer after adding vinegar.
  • Brown requires a longer time in the dyebath to allow the green to strike.

Links to Wilton Sets

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Disney Fairies Icing Color set - Skin Tone, Blue, Red, and Yellow

Disney Hannah Montana Icing Color set - Purple, Blue, Pink and Bright Pink

Garden Tone Icing Colors - Buttercup, Aster Mauve, Delphinium, Juniper

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See how to make mini hanks, for testing dye formulas and making small projects.

By altering the amount of Wilton gel and other food colors, you can make pastels.

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