Wilton Formulas For
More Than 100 Colors

The Wilton formulas shown here are made by mixing two pre-made Wilton icing gels.

The colors used are Golden Yellow, Lemon, Copper, Skintone, Pink, Rose, Red, No Taste Red, Burgundy, Brown, Kelly, Teal, Sky, Royal, Blue, Violet and Purple.

Colors used with abbreviations:

  • Golden Yellow (G)
  • Lemon (L)
  • Copper (C)
  • Skintone (Sn)
  • Pink (P)
  • Rose (Ro)
  • Red (R)
  • No Taste Red (Nt)

  • Burgundy (B)
  • Brown (Br)
  • Kelly (K)
  • Teal (T)
  • Sky (S)
  • Royal (RL)
  • Blue (BL)
  • Violet (V)
  • Purple (Pu)

Notes about colors used in the Wilton formulas:

Golden Yellow is a bit more orange than Lemon.

Skintone is possibly a lighter version of Copper. Copper contains a bit of blue but mostly yellow and red.

Pink is just red food coloring. Rose is red and green ( a blend of yellow and blue food color). Both are from the Disney Hannah Montana Wilton icing gel set. The product numbers for these shades are on the linked page.

No Taste Red is red40, so it will not break. Red has some red3 because it will halo when mixed with blue. Find out more about working with red food color here.

Burgundy will crock if you use too much.

Kelly is a very strong color and will overwhelm the yellows and pinks.

Sky is pure blue, while Royal is blue and red. To learn more about using blue food color, go here.

Violet loses some of it's redness if you add vinegar too fast or add too much.

Purple comes in the Disney Hannah Montana Wilton icing gel set.

Do You Enjoy Mixing Colors?

Turn your creativity loose with other types of food colors!

McCormick food color (those cute little squeezy bottles). Widely available in United States grocery stores and easy to dissolve. Lots of photos.

Kool-Aid isn't just for drinking. Great color charts and which colors to buy.

Easter Egg Dye, comes in tiny tablets and will dye your wool a whole slew of custom colors.

Klass Drink Mix, bright fruity colors, with citric acid (no adding vinegar).

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