Wilton® Fairies Icing
Great Primary Colors

If you only buy one Wilton® Icing Color set as a newbie food color dyer - Fairies is it.

Fairies contains 4 jars: a clear Yellow, Lipstick Red, a warm Blue and peachy Skin Tone.

My daughter points out that fairies have green skin to blend in with plants - not peach colored skin. Be that as it may, skin tone is quite pretty, especially as a pastel.

The colors mix well with each other to produce clear, bright secondary color blends.

Here are sample hanks, of .2 ounces Lion Brand® Fishermen's wool yarn with 1/16 teaspoon icing color.

Wilton Fairies Skin Tone food color dyed wool yarnWilton Fairies Blue food color dyed wool yarn

Wilton Red Fairies dyed food color wool yarnWilton Fairies Yellow food color dyed wool yarn

Wilton Fairies Skin Tone and Yellow will bond quickly with less vinegar than most colors in the Wilton® line.

The red is red40, so you won't have to worry about breaking when using this red to produce new shades. Breaking is when the red gets all crusty and comes off on your hands because you added too much vinegar.

Fairies Blue is a mixture of blue and red. Add a bit of vinegar and heat to bond the red. Allow to cool. Then add more vinegar and heat to bond the blue, if needed.

Sometimes just allowing the dyebath to cool with the hank resting in it will be enough to cause the blue to bond without anymore heat and acid.

Wilton Fairies Icing Color Set box

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