Superior Dyeing with
Washable Ewe

Bluntly, Washable Ewe is the best yarn for food color dyeing in the Red Heart line.

I have a large stockpile of Lion Brand Fishermen's wool and 90 percent of my dyeing is done on Fishermen's. For consistent results, Fishermen's is my go-to base yarn.

But, I need more Washable Ewe because:

  • it's superwash
  • it has a deep twist
  • it's 100% wool...

...which means you can make very Kool effects like on this skein:

Believe it or not, this skein is made of just four dyebaths. Two are grayed lilac, one is grayed purple and one is broken blue.

The best part? The yarn pulled the colors apart as the dye wicked, all by itself! I didn't help it with extra vinegar, or overdyeing.

Because Washable Ewe is superwash the food color will strike fast, in fact the red tried to bond before the skein even went in the microwave.

So make sure you pour the colors (or immersion dye) exactly were you want it.

Another hint: because the red strikes so fast, it tends to lay on the surface of the yarn. Sometimes formulas that work on other yarn bases will look more red on with Washable because the red won't soak in. You might want to use less red to account for this.

The 100% content of this yarn means you can make very dark saturated colors. In these two sample hanks Wilton icing gel Delphinium and McCormick red are as dark as they can get.

If you prefer a solid color like these hanks, soak the yarn in the dyebath overnight so the dye can penetrate to the core.

This yarn is 100% superwash wool, medium weight.
Available in clover, cottontail, current (dark purple), dragonfly, duckling, earth, green apple, icing (pink), kitten (gray), licorice, lilac, robin's egg, strawberry, and zinnea (dark pink).

Color Charts for Wilton icing gels.

Color Charts for McCormick food color drops.

See colors from the catwalk, with formulas.

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