Organize and Admire
Your Mini-hank Collection

Our household clutter busting rule for craft materials is - if mom doesn't use it in a year - then the kids get it.

The three exceptions are: my rubber stamps, full sheets of scrapbook paper, and charity yarn.

and the fourth exception is my reference collection of mini-hanks.

Here are photos of two recycled tea boxes full of yarn.

Kool-Aid dyed, Wilton dyed hanks, blue and green

Kool-Aid dyed, Wilton dyed hanks, red and yellow

Each hank is tagged with the dye formula, and a brief note which could be: what project it was dyed for, a color name, or the type of yarn.

I also have a scrap of each yarn stored in a ring binder (linky).

The tea boxes stack nicely. The yarn is light weight, so I bet I could get quite a pile before the bottom bunches get crushed.

Kool-Aid dyed, Wilton dyed hanks, pantone colors

Previously, my kids made small Polly houses out of the boxes. This was before I realized what a valuable asset I was giving away.

As my tea boxes are overstuffed, I am considering repossessing their boxes, except..... my yarn will stick out the Polly doors and windows cut into the sides of the boxes.

HMMMM, tea makes a good Christmas gift.... think folks would be upset to receive a handful of teabags without a box?

How to make your own mini-hanks