Spring 2012 Colors
Dye Your Own Skeins

How many spring 2012 colors are you using in your knitting and crochet?

Lots of folks were talking about Tangerine Tango this winter.

Mostly with reasons why they wouldn't wear it.

There were some useful Spring 2012 colors, however. I haven't seen many in the yarn isle of my big box craft store…. but I can dye my own.

And so can you. After the photos are formulas using several brands of food color and icing gel.

A. Sweet Lilac - a trace of Wilton Burgundy or AmeriColor 1 part Electric Pink and 1 part Electric Purple.

B. Margarita - McCormick Neon Green or Great Value 3 drops Yellow to 1 drop Blue.

C. Cabaret - Kool-Aid Tropical Punch or Wilton 1 part Rose and 1 part No Taste Red.

D. Bellflower - McCormick 2 drops Neon Blue and 2 drops Neon Purple.

E. Tangerine Tango - a whole bunch of versions of this color.

F. Driftwood - AmeriColor 1 part Red and 1 part Forest or AmeriColor 1 part Royal Blue and 1 part Chocolate.

G. Solar Power - 1/16 teaspoon Wilton Golden  or AmeriColor Egg Yellow.

H. Starfish - McCormick 3 drops Yellow and 1 drop Black.

I. Sodalite Blue - McCormick Blue plus a tiny bit of black.

J. Cockatoo - Kool-Aid 3 parts Berry Blue and 1 part Lemon Lime.

Hints for Spring 2012 Colors

A. Sweet Lilac - because this is a pastel version of Wilton Burgundy (and uses less dye than a saturated version), Sweet Lilac is less likely to crock. Soaking the yarn overnight in the dyebath (without vinegar) is a good idea.

B. Margarita - using a natural off-white wool baseyarn and a few drops of McCormick neon green is sooooo easy!

C. Cabaret - is a bit more fuchsia than this photo. If you're using Kool-Aid, you won't need to add vinegar.

D. Bellflower - this formula is for the McCormick neon blue and not the McCormick blue. The blue is a stronger color and also dulls the purple.

F. Driftwood - a nice cool gray with a blue cast.

G. Solar Power - another easy color to make!

H. Starfish - unless you're ultra-sure about your ability to squeeze out a single drop of black, you might want to measure the black into a second jar and then mix with the yellow drops. (Yes, I ended two batches of dyebath with too much black).

I. Sodalite Blue - try putting a single drop of black into 8 ounces of water and then adding a spoonful of that mix into your dyebath.

What Do the Measurements Mean?

A drop - McCormick food color and Great Value food color comes in small squeezy bottles. Lightly squeeze the bottle - out comes a drop. Squeeze too hard and you will get too much food color.

A trace is the amount of Wilton gel that coats a half an inch of a toothpick.

Kool-Aid, everything you need to dye is in the packet (other than the water, pan and yarn).

Wilton icing gel - comes in jars of many colors.

Squeezable bottles with liquid food color, check out McCormick.

How to choose a yarn to dye, with photos of examples.

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