Two Effects on One Hank with Sock-Ease

Lion Brand Yarn Sock-Ease is unique in my dyeing experience.

If you allow the yarn to soak in the dyebath for an hour, you get a solid color (like any other base yarn).

But if you dip dye the marshmallow white yarn in a 180 degree F bath you'll get a pretty frosted effect.

This frosting is especially noticeable on darker shades. The color soaks into the twist of the yarn faster and leaves the surface the original color.

The effect is more pronounced if you heat the dyebath, drop the yarn in almost dry, allow the color to wick along the yarn and then microwave right away to set the color.

The frosting is Kool - if that's what you're going for.

This sock yarn is 75% wool and 25% nylon. The nylon is dyeable, but it may turn out a different shade. In the second photo, the yellow mini-skein is 100% wool. The formula appears to be the same on the Sock-Ease. The dark area is a dark mushroom brown, which appears solid from a distance and frosted up close.

With more than 400 yards per skein, you'll want to use plenty of hank ties so you don't end up with tangles.

This yarn comes in marshmallow, root beer, circus peanut (dark red), grape soda, lollipop (dark pink), green apple, snow cone (denim), toffee and seven multi colors.

Lion Brand has added aloe vera to the yarn to "soften your hands".

The aloe may contribute to the frosted effect, or it might have washed off in the dyebath. The dye still bonded, the bath went clear, the yarn dried fine.

I'm not planning to knit socks with this skein, but the manufacture suggests the yarn is great for scarves, so perhaps I'll make a drop stitch scarf.

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