Pastel Hues with
Stitch Nation Sheepish

Stitch Nation Sheepish has lots of dark saturated colors I'd like to eat.

(What? Is that too weird?)

Caron's website shows 21 colors, but you really can't appreciate the shine until you hold the yarn. It's also quite cuddly. But how well will it dye?

Because this yarn is a 70% acrylic and 30% wool, you won't be able to make a saturated solid color yarn.

But you can dye nice pastel variegated hanks to use with the store bought solid hanks.

The photo above shows color sample hanks (made of 100% wool) and a long skein of Sheepish dyed with the same formulas.

You can see that for pastel tones the colors are very faithful, almost the same depth of shade.

In this close-up, you can see that the food color did wick along the yarn, giving a soft feathering rather than a hard edge between the color and the undyed white.

This yarn also has the advantage of being exactly the same shade of white wet or dry, so you won't have to guess what the finished hank will look like,

If you want dark colors, this isn't the yarn for you but....

To test out how dark Sheepish will go, a small hank was dyed in Wilton icing gel Delphinium blue and McCormick red.

The red hank ended up medium pink, with white pearly twists.

The blue hank has the same twists but they read as glossy highlights.

Pleasing colors, but due to the 70% acrylic content, you will never be able to get a dark color no matter how much food color you use.

Yarn Band information

70% Acrylic 30% Wool

medium 4 weight, 85 grams, about 167 yards

Also available in black, gun metal, gray, plum, magenta, hot pink, pink, espresso, camel, taupe, yellow, pumpkin, coral, red, teal, turquoise, robin egg, olive, chartreuse, and lime.

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