Striking Socks with
Deborah Norville Serenity

I didn't think much of Serenity sock yarn at the store.

Don't plan to make a sock. Especially after using an adjustable sock loom - I ended up with a scissor pouch.

And I my opinion, the self-striping yarns in this line are uninspiring.

I've changed my mind about one thing - the white Serenity is a lot of fun to dye with food colors.

Despite having 25% non-dyeable rayon content, I was still able to achieve a medium dark gray. And my formulas for lighter shades (that I made for 100% wool) work well too.

In the photo, the dark gray is McCormick black. It's dyed with 3 drops and then allowed to dry slightly and overdyed with 3 more drops.

The black is not as dark as on a skein that is totally wool. I doubt even with repeated dyebaths I'd ever achieve a true black on this base yarn.

The food color will wick along the yarn somewhat due to the rayon. In this closeup there is a blending of the dark gray and the blue, which I emphasized by over-dyeing the blue.

Hint: If you are pouring the dye directly on the skein, or introducing the yarn to the hot dyebath, the colors are going to strike so fast that dark colors will seem to float on the surface of the yarn.

If you want a more even coverage allow the yarn to soak in the dyebath overnight.

These mini-hanks were dyed with Wilton icing gel in Delphinium blue and McCormick red. The colors are fairly dark, but the coverage is spotty. Even soaking in the dyebath overnight didn't produce a true solid.

Besides white, this yarn comes in self-striping mint, cinnamon (yellow), purple spice, paprika (orange-red), indigo, chili (cherry), saffron (gold and aqua), lavender topaz, Picasso (red and black) and obsidian (green).

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