Use a Scrapbook to
Organize Your Yarn Samples and
Preserve Your Color Formulas

Have you made a scrapbook of yarnie goodness yet?

Just imagine, page after page of lovely yarn snippets for leisurely viewing and a record of your super secret perfect color recipes at your fingertips!

Here's mine.....

Kool-Aid dyed, Wilton dyed samples

I use plastic pages with little pockets designed to hold slides (from Ye Olde Days when cameras used film).

But sports card storage pages would work fine too. Or pages to display coins.

Insert one sample per pocket and write the formula for the color on the top of each pocket.

When I first started my yarn scrapbook, I grouped the colors by the type of food dye I was using - Kool-Aid®, Wilton®, Klass®, Mc Cormick®, other brands.

Ah, but what if I used Wilton® and Mc Cormick® blended?

Now, new samples are grouped by general color - green, blue, brown, etc.

Kool-Aid dyed, Wilton dyed samples

Kool-Aid dyed, Wilton dyed samples

The pages are in a three ring binder, which cuts clutter and stops my dye formula scriblings from getting lost or tossed.

Scrapbooks allow you to reminisce (like looking through your kid's baby album, but you'll use this one more often).

find colors that harmonize

and could save money when you discover some Kool-Aid® flavors and Wilton® gels are close enough in color that you don't really need to buy them all.

As with photo scrapping it's easier to keep your pages up to date. As soon as your yarn is dry, add a snippet and use a Sharpie™ to write the color formula.

A worthy time investment, especially if you become a dyeing fanatic........ which you will.


Do you have great bunches of "ugly" yarn crying for over-dyeing?

Examples of white yarn dyed with food color.

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