Create Smokey Hues With
Reynolds Lopi

The easiest way to produce a deep dusky color is to overdye gray.

This bulky gray loosely spun yarn has areas of white and black. Overdyeing produces a nice heathered effect without any extra work for the dyer.

Our dyebaths were Wilton® icing gel in Delphinium blue and McCormick® red. The small snippets of yarn on top of the hanks show the color of the dyebath.

Reynold's LopiBlue Wilton and red McCormick overdye

The Wilton® Delphinium blue produced a lovely raven color, almost iridescent at a distance. The McCormick® red has mellowed into a wine with lots of black yarn showing through.

The finished yarn would make a great masculine striped hat.

Hints about dyeing

  • Allow several hours soaking time to be sure the yarn is wet all the way through.
  • Large hanks of Lopi® are very heavy. After dyeing allow the hank to rest laying on towels until the yarn is barely damp. Then the hank can be hung to dry further.
  • Bulky yarns used more dye than thinner weight yarns.

Yarn Band information

100% wool

US 10 1/2 needle, 100 grams, about 110 yards

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