Show-off the Twist
Alpaca Love

The addition of a bit of food color on Alpaca Love Cobblestone makes the twist really pop.

In the original hank, I didn't notice the structure of the yarn. But now that the dye highlights the high parts of the twist and the dark cobblestone color remains on the edges - the yarn really perks up.

Looks like stripped caterpillars, even.

We overdyed the medium gray Alpaca love with Wilton® icing gel in Delphinium blue and McCormick® red. The small snippets of yarn on top of the hanks show the color of the dye bath.

Cobblestone Alpaca loveBlue Wilton and red McCormick overdye

The Wilton® Delphinium became a cadet blue.

The McCormick® red dyed the Alpaca love a grayed-rose.

Hints about dyeing

  • Alpaca Love is 20% alpaca, but this didn't effect the dyeing. The wool and alpaca must be well blended because the dye took equally along the whole hank.
  • The yarn will appear much darker when wet.

Yarn Band information

80% Wool, 20% Alpaca

US 8 needle, 3 oz., 85 grams, about 132 yards

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