Dyeing with Queen Food Colour

Queen Food Colours come in a variety of packages.

For this page we used the Rainbow Food Colours. They come in a box of four sqeezable plastic vials in blue, red, yellow and green.

Vinegar is needed to bond the colors.

The colors are made in Australia and sent by the ever thoughtful HanKit. Thank you, HanKnit!

Note: the numbers on the photos refer to parts.

The yarn labeled W is Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool natural color. The yarn labeled O is Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool Oatmeal.

First, the double good news- you can make great blends for dyeing your wool, nylon and silk yarn.

The tones are less candy colored than Kool-Aid.

And the colors are more balanced than McCormick's.

This green is a bit stronger than the other three colors but not so much that it overpowers the red.

The bottles are also very easy to use.

The less-good news, Queen is about half as strong as McCormick.

For these samples I put 1 drop of color in 8 ounces of water to make dyestock.

Then I used a teaspoon to measure the dyestock into a mixing jar.

It took quite a few teaspoons of dyestock to make the yarn this dark.

Rather than have such large numbers on the photos, I simplified the ratios.

1R3G is 3 teaspoons of red dyestock and 9 teaspoons of green.

2R2G is 6 teaspoons of red and 6 teaspoons of green.

The yarn sample is 1 foot of Lion Brand Fishermen's wool.

Since you'll be dyeing more than a foot of yarn (most likely), just keep adding drops of color into your dyepot in the same ratio as the samples and you're good.

Note: the yarn will dry darker than the dyestock appears. So, try a few samples to get the hang of it.

What About the Red?

There's no red3 in Queens, so you won't have to worry about crocking.

The red124 will halo if you're dyeing on dry yarn. Personally, I like this effect, but if you don't make sure the yarn is damp.

Will Other Queen Food Colours and Products Dye Yarn?

Queen sells artificial, natural, extract and powdered colors.

You need the products with artificial colors. This set is labeled colors 102, 122, 124, and 133.

How do I know if my yarn is Wool? Easy tests to find out.

Great Purple Formulas. Made from Kool-Aid, Wilton, McCormick's and more.

Is your yarn a blend with nylon? Find out about dyeing nylon.

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