Try These Purple Formulas

Dyers want purple formulas: lilac, amethyst, that football team jersey color.

The most common complaint is "grape Kool-Aid is too rusty". (Sample N is grape Kool-Aid).

So, here are some shades of purple that are less dull, made from other flavors of Kool-Aid, Wilton icing gel, McCormick primary and neon, Great Value food color and several brands of Easter Egg Dye.

The formulas follow the photos.

Purple Formulas

A = Wilton Violet
B = Wilton Violet Pastel
C = Wilton Delphinium
D = Wilton Delphinium Pastel
E = Wilton Hannah Montana Purple
F = Wilton Hannah Montana Purple Pastel

G = McCormick Neon Purple
H = McCormick 1 drop Neon Blue +1 drop McCormick Neon Purple
I = McCormick 1 drop Neon Blue + 1 drop McCormick Neon Pink
J = Great Value 2 drops Red + Great Value 2 drops Blue
K = Great Value 1 drop Red + Great Value 3 drops Blue

L = McCormick 1 drop Blue + 3 drops Neon Purple
M = McCormick 1 drop Red + 3 drops Neon Purple
N = Grape Kool-Aid
O = Kool-Aid 2 parts Grape + 2 parts Berry Blue
P = Kool-Aid 1 part Strawberry + 3 parts Berry Blue
Q = Kool-Aid 2 parts Black Cherry + 2 parts Berry Blue
R = Kool-Aid 3 parts Pink Lemonade + 1 part Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade
S = Kool-Aid 1 part Black Cherry + 3 parts Berry Blue
T = Kool-Aid 3 part Pink Lemonade + 1 part Berry Blue

For the following (U to u) the ratio is 1 to 1.
U = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Red + Blue
V = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Pink + Blue
W = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Pink + Denim
X = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Red + Teal
Y = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Pink + Teal
Z = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Red + Denim

a = Easter Unlimited Easter Egg Dye Red + Blue
b = Easter Unlimited Easter Egg Dye Pink + Blue
c = Dudley Easter Egg Dye Pink + Brown
d = Dudley Easter Egg Dye Red + Purple

e = Wilton Teal + Purple
f = Wilton Rose + Teal
g = Wilton Rose + Sky
h = Wilton Rose + Royal
i = Wilton Rose + Violet
j = Wilton Burgundy + Teal
k = Wilton Burgundy + Violet
l = Wilton Burgundy + Sky
m = Wilton Burgundy + Royal
n = Wilton No Taste + Teal
o = Wilton No Taste + Sky
p = Wilton No Taste + Royal
q = Wilton No Taste + Violet

r = Wilton Red + Royal
s = Wilton Red + Blue
t = Wilton Red + Sky
u = Wilton Red + Teal

Hints on Dyeing Purple

Sometimes the red fraction of the dyebath will seem to disappear when the vinegar is added (especially with Wilton Violet). This is because the red is sticking to the pan rather than to the yarn.

To prevent this, mix the dyebath and soak the yarn overnight without adding vinegar. The next day, heat the yarn and the dyebath to 160 degrees F and slowly add the vinegar while bringing the dyebath to 180 F.

Because the red food coloring has had time to move into the fiber, it will bond there, and not on the pan.

Why did my purple get muddy?

In the upper purple formulas photo, the purple sample N is muddy while sample I is closer to a French lilac blossom.

Why is this?

Sample N is red40 and Sample I has red3. Red40 is used for red licorice and red3 makes candied cherries red.

Red40 tends more to brown, so if you like brighter purples try to use food color with all red3 or as much as possible.

Red3 is in Wilton pink, and violet, McCormick neons and some brands of Easter Egg Dye.

Wilton Christmas Red, Burgundy, and Rose are a blend of both types of red.

Kool-Aid is exclusively red40 which is why those purples go muddy.

I'll be adding more purple formulas from mixed brands in the future.

Turn your creativity loose with other types of food colors!

Wilton icing gels- buy them in multi-packs, or alone. Great colors you can make even better.


food color (those cute little squeezy bottles). Widely available in United States grocery stores and easy to dissolve. Lots of photos.

Kool-Aid isn't just for drinking. Great color charts and which colors to buy.

Easter Egg Dye, comes in tiny tablets and will dye your wool a whole slew of custom colors.

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