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Patons Roving

I found three orphan magenta Patons Roving balls in the clearance bin.

It is pink... "careful or your eyes might pop" pink.

Shoppers walking the aisle before me didn't realize the potential. And truthfully I didn't either.

Although the hank will never be turned into yellow or green, it did make a maple leaf orange and a dusky blue.

The roving is very springy with a minimal twist. The manufacturer's suggested uses are coats, cowls and capes.

Our dyebaths were Wilton icing gel in Sky blue and McCormick yellow.

Patons Roving wool yarnfood color on Patons Roving

While dyeing, it would be better not to move the roving around too much. It tends to stick when wet, but fluffs again as it dries.

I didn't allow the roving to soak long enough, so the blue hank has an area of magenta peeping out. Strangely attractive, I may try to make a whole hank this way.

Hints about dyeing

  • Allow several hours soaking time to be sure the yarn is wet all the way through.
  • A large hank is going to be very heavy. After dyeing allow the hank to rest laying on towels until the yarn is barely damp. Then the hank can be hung to dry further.
  • Bulky yarns used more dye than thinner weight yarns.

Yarn Band information

100% wool

US 10 needle, 3.5 oz., about 120 yards

Colors: Pumpkin, Orchid, Cloverleaf, Moss, Aran (white), Natural, Taupe, Gray, Dark Gray, Denim, Royal, Cherry, Yellow, Magenta

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