Overdye Your Yarn

Overdyeing can solve many problems.

Is your closet full of ugly yarn?

Have a bit of yarn left over, but tired of the color?

Can you find sweaters at the thrift store, but they're the wrong color?

Grab the offending yarn and some food color! You have a whole yarn store at your finger tips. Change that stale yarn into all new colors.

This page has links to our lovely and educational overdye pages, by color of the original yarn.


Change harvest gold into 23 new colors.  Including burgundy, lime, navy, coral, bronze, bittersweet and cobalt.


Revitalize pumpkin orange into 25 new colors. Including amber, scarlet, hunter green, sienna, teal and rosewood.


Raspberry pink not for you? Dye dark pink 33 new colors. Including crimsom, olive, pansy, warm black, sapphire.


Olive green too drab? 31 new colors to grow your stash. Including brick, walnut, orchid, lilypad, cornflower and carmine.

Pastel Green

Yarn the color of a lime popsicle? 27 ways to fix it. Including blue jeans, shamrock, watermelon and yield yellow.

Pastel Blue

Baby blue yarn got you blue? 26 colors to cheer you up. Including lemon cough drop, rain slicker, and purple people eater.


Not so fond of light pink? 26 colors that aren't pink. Including sailboat blue, orange soda pop, and Flash Gordon red.


Light gray yarn doesn't have to be dull. 26 (mostly cheery) colors that started out gray. Including dusky French lilac, duckweed, and teddy bear.


Medium blue cashmere yarn  with Kool-Aid. Is Kool-Aid too candy colored for you? Blue yarn tones it down.

Almost any light colored wool, silk, nylon or blend can be change to an exciting new color.

Or several colors at the same time.

Kool-Aid dyeing is the easiest. But if you add vinegar almost any artifical food color can be used, including Americolor, McCormick, Great Value and Wilton icing gel.

Overdye Hints

Once you start thinking about overdying, you may find tempting base yarn in darker colors.

Some colors just won't dye - barn red, navy blue, pine green and very dark charcoal will need a lot of food color to change to anything other than raisin or off-black.

How do you know if your yarn is wool?

A whole page of links to instructions.

How to make Halloween colors with food colors. Photos and formulas.

Videos, yes we have videos.

Hints on using vinegar.

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