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From Blah to Kool

A few packs of Kool-Aid or jars of Wilton or drops of McCormick added to the orphan balls of yarn banished to the bottom of your stash...

...and you will have unique, luscious, inexpensive, refurbished yarn!

Any brand of artifical food color will work and any yarn that contains protein-fibers. That's wool (and other animal fur), silk and nylon.

If you have lost the ball band, or never knew what the yarn was made of, here's a page to see if the skein is dyeable.

You can use any flavor of unsweetened Kool-Aid, any color of Wilton icing gel or any brand of food color, like McCormick, found in the baking aisle.

A fun project to do yourself. Or invite a bunch of fiber friends into your kitchen and have a dye-a-thon and exchange hanks.

This page is a photo gallery of our overdye successes and failures. Other examples of food color dyed yarn will be added as we dig through our own stash.

There wasn't anything wrong with this vintage ball of blue 100% wool with red and gold flecks. I had finished knitting a few hats with its sister balls and grew bored.

The wool was overdyed with Wilton Icing gel in teal, Fairies blue, Hannah Montana purple, brown, sky blue and royal blue.

Each mini-skein is .2 ounces, just enough to make a stripe on my next hat.

This is an especially cuddly ball of yarn, and great fun to knit with. But after knitting two hats, I decided to overdye the remaining two balls.

McCormick makes a 4 bottle set of Neon Colors of blue, green, purple and pink. The blue and purple are McCormick straight from the bottle.

The fuchsia and orange are mixed from McCormick red and yellow, and Wilton Fairies blue.

I used a tiny bit of color for each hank, so the original color of the yarn showed through.

This olive lopi-type yarn is a recycled hooded sweater and I had big hopes for this yarn. After all there was so much yarn!

Yes, the olive color was dark, but I thought I could get a few shades of brown and teal.

After overdyeing the yarn in four very dark dyebaths, I still have four hanks of olive yarn.

Well, rats.

I used McCormick red, Wilton blue, purple and brown. The dyebaths did go clear, so I know the food dye did bond with the yarn.

The overdyeing just didn't work....oh, well.

Maybe I will try black food color next.

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