One Hank Dyed Four Ways

Ever have an obsession with one hank of yarn?

I love knitting with Joann Sensations "It's a Wrap". Didn't like the finished scarf. Too much chaos and the colors didn't relate to each other.

So, this page is one hank dyed one way. Another hank dyed a completely different way in another colorway. I couldn't stop until I ran out of yarn.

I'll be showcasing overdyeing in a pot, handpainting for the microwave, a gradient, and dip dyeing a ball.

Here's instructions on dyeing in a crockpot

Here's the original scarf.


Overdyed on the Stove

Can you open a package of Kool-Aid, heat water to 180 degrees and simmer your finished object until the dye bath is clear?

Then just do it! deep breath. If you are unhappy with a project, what have you got to lose?

A light wash of blue can even out discordant colors, create shadows to emphasize stitch patterns, and well - lots of folks like blue.

This hank of 2.47 ounces (103 yards) is dyed with a single package of Berry Blue Kool-Aid. It's A Wrap is a 75% nylon core wrapped with 25% wool.

If you place a dry scarf in the heated dyebath most of the color is going to bond to the wool outer surface.

To dye the nylon core, soak the yarn overnight in plain water. The food color won't completely change the core color because the wool will grab the food color faster. But the core will change a bit.

Handpainted in the Microwave

Scarf two is handpainted in five McCormick colors: Red, Neon Purple, and Neon Blue. The other two colors are a blend of Red/Neon Purple and Neon Purple/Neon Blue.

Make sure the scarf is completely wet, then squeeze most of the water out. Place the scarf on a piece of plastic wrap, paint one color and set the dye in the microwave. Setting each color right after painting prevents the color from running into other areas of the scarf.

I microwave each section for 30 seconds (but I make absolutely sure the entire scarf is damp). Placing the plastic wrapped scarf in a covered glass bowl is also a good idea.

Watch out opening the plastic wrap for steam! Any water inside the plastic wrap should be clear. If not, re-heat.

Great Gradients

Scarf three was dyed as a gradient and then knitted.

The food color is AmeriColor Egg Yellow, Neon Orange, Red Red, Burgundy and Chocolate.

You can dye the yarn in the microwave like this or in a pot.

In this photo, the first part of the hank is dyed and dripping in a sieve. The second is about to be sunk in the hot dye bath. The rest of the yarn is sitting on a the lid of a tall pot on the back of the stove.

(Yes, I learned the hard way that yarn burns if it gets too close to the burner).

Dip Dyed..... wheeee!

Scarf four was dip dyed and then knitted.

The food color is McCormick yellow, neon green, neon blue and green in four dyebaths.

Have you ever dyed Easter Eggs by dipping the pointy end in bath A, and turning the egg 90 degrees for each bath after that?.

In this photo the top end was dyed neon green, the right side was yellow and the bottom is going into a green dyebath. The last side was a blue bath.

How far the dye penetrates depends on how tightly the ball is wound.

For this scarf, I knitted until about halfway through the ball and then dyed the remaining yarn again.

In conclusion, wooo doggies - what a fun day of dyeing! Hope this puts a bug in you ear to get out your food color and play.

And some more eye candy.

The yarn will lighten in color once it dries.

Remember: if you don't like it, overdye it!

Like to dye in a crock pot?

How to choose a base yarn.

When do you need vinegar?

Watch our lovely videos.

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