Use Light Pink Yarn to
Warm Your Food Colors

Tired of candy colored yarn?

By starting with a light pink yarn, in a shade with a tad blue, we dyed some warm, clear colors that don't scream "juvenile."

Here are photos of pastel pink colored wool yarn overdyed with Kool-Aid, McCormick Food Color drops and Wilton Icing Color.

A. Yellow McCormick = caramel

B. Red McCormick = watermelon

C. Blue McCormick = slate blue

D. Green McCormick = grass

E. Neon Purple McCormick = grape bubblegum

F. Neon Pink McCormick = watermelon

G. Neon Blue McCormick = sailboat blue

H. Neon Green McCormick = grass under the swimming pool

I. Blue Wilton = sailor blue

J. Brown Wilton = ginger snap

K. Burgundy Wilton = dusty rose

L. Copper Wilton = orange soda pop

M. Gold Wilton = caramel

N. Kelly Wilton = kelly

O. Lemon Wilton = aspen leaves

P. No Taste Red Wilton = tangerine

Q. Red Wilton = carnation

R. Sky Wilton = bright baby blue

S. Violet Wilton = royal purple

T. Yellow Wilton = carmel

U. Black Cherry Kool-Aid = Flash Gordon red

V. Berry Blue Kool-Aid = dark baby blue

W. Grape Kool-Aid = grape juice

X. Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid = canned peas

Y. Strawberry Kool-Aid = fire truck

Z. Orange Kool-Aid = orange

General Notes:

Samples are 1 yard of Lion Brand Fishermen's wool.

The amount of food color in each dye bath was 1 drop McCormick, a trace of Wilton coating a toothpick or 1 tablespoon dilution of Kool-Aid (1 packet Kool-Aid to 8 ounces water).

The samples were soaked in the dyebath for a full day before heating.

Notes on how to overdye light pink yarn:

Overdyeing light pink is great when you have too much pink yarn.

It is also a great way to make sure your recipes with red3 don't crock.

Rather than dye you yarn all at once, dye the yarn a shade of pink. Allow it to dry and then overdye with a second color.

This technique works great for mixes with blue because blue needs more vinegar than red.

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