Turn Light Green Yarn Into
Almost Any Color You Want

Yellow yarn made from light green yarn?

Yes! And Watermelon, Royal Purple and Toast, too.

I've overdyed hundreds of samples of odd colored yarn and I still can't believe what lucious colors are hidden. Just a bit of food color and Zowie.

Here are photos of pastel lime colored wool yarn overdyed with Kool-Aid, McCormick Food Color drops and Wilton Icing Color.

Lime colored wool yarn overdyed with McCormick Food Color drops.

A. Yellow McCormick = sunny yellow

B. Red McCormick = bubble gum pink

C. Blue McCormick = blue jeans

D. Green McCormick = shamrock

E. Neon Purple McCormick = dark magenta

F. Neon Pink McCormick = watermelon

G. Neon Blue McCormick = dark aqua

H. Neon Green McCormick = citron

Lime colored wool yarn overdyed with Wilton Icing Color.

I. Blue Wilton = sailor blue

J. Brown Wilton = pecan

K. Burgundy Wilton = rose

L. Copper Wilton = cantaloupe

M. Gold Wilton = sunny yellow

N. Kelly Wilton = kelly

O. Lemon Wilton = yield yellow

P. No Taste Red Wilton = coral

R. Red Wilton = hot pink

S. Skintone Wilton = toast

Lime colored wool yarn overdyed with Kool-Aid.

T. Sky Wilton = sky

U. Violet Wilton = royal purple

V. Yellow Wilton = raincoat yellow

W. Black Cherry Kool-Aid = stoplight

X. Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid = sprout

Y. Strawberry Kool-Aid = lipstick

Z. Grape Kool-Aid = violet

1. Berry Blue Grape Kool-Aid = sky

2. Orange Grape Kool-Aid = orange

General Notes:

Samples are 1 yard of Lion Brand Fishermen's wool.

The amount of food color in each dye bath was 1 drop McCormick, a trace of Wilton coating a toothpick or 1 tablespoon dilution of Kool-Aid (1 packet Kool-Aid to 8 ounces water).

The samples were soaked in the dyebath for a full day before heating.

Notes on how to overdye light green yarn:

Overdyeing this light green yarn was just as easy as dyeing white yarn.

And while the yarn was wet, I questioned why I was doing all this work - the colors didn't look any different than if I had used white.

Once dry and in natural light, the complexity of the color mix came out. Less knock-your-eye-out, but still bright cheery skeins.

I don't recall seeing a thrift store sweater in quite this shade of light green, but someday I will. And I'll know what to do with it.

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