Turn Light Blue Yarn into
Almost any Color You Want

I have yet to see light blue yarn on clearance, and if I found a thrift sweater in icy blue, I'd wear it.

But maybe you have some to overdye.

What can you expect?

Here are photos of light blue colored wool yarn overdyed with Kool-Aid, McCormick Food Color drops and Wilton Icing Color.

A. Yellow McCormick = lemon cough drop

B. Red McCormick = bubble gum pink

C. Blue McCormick = faded blue jeans

D. Green McCormick = very bright leaf

E. Neon Purple McCormick = grape bubble gum

F. Neon Pink McCormick = watermelon bubble gum

G. Neon Blue McCormick = cornflower

H. Neon Green McCormick = Easter grass

I. Blue Wilton = deco blue

J. Brown Wilton = burnt sienna

K. Burgundy Wilton = dark blush

L. Copper Wilton = pumpkin

M. Gold Wilton = jasmine

N. Kelly Wilton = kelly

O. Lemon Wilton = rain slicker

P. No Taste Red Wilton = pink

Q. Red Wilton = bittersweet

R. Sky Wilton = sky

S. Violet Wilton = purple people eater

T. Yellow Wilton = lemon cough drop

U. Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid = celery

V. Black Cherry Kool-Aid = maple leaf

W. Strawberry Kool-Aid = lipstick

X. Grape Kool-Aid = violet

Y. Berry Blue  Kool-Aid = sky

Z. Orange Kool-Aid = orange

General Notes:

Samples are 1 yard of Lion Brand Fishermen's wool.

The amount of food color in each dye bath was 1 drop McCormick, a trace of Wilton coating a toothpick or 1 tablespoon dilution of Kool-Aid (1 packet Kool-Aid to 8 ounces water).

The samples were soaked in the dyebath for a full day before heating.

Notes on why to overdye light blue yarn:

Overdyeing light blue yarn is… chancy.

A blue this pale didn't change the McCormick or the Kool-Aid much.

Of course, if I wanted this yarn as a substitute for white yarn, then that would be fine.

Sample K, the Wilton burgundy is nice - a warm pink without being too obnoxious.

Hints for using blue food color.

Kool-Aid Formulas for 135 Colors.

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