Lamb's Pride is a Work Horse

Let me say right off, I love Lamb's Pride.

I dye it, I hoard it - sometimes I even knit hats with it.

Lamb's Pride bonds easily with food colors. It puffs and softens with washing.

And it knits up fast with nice stitch definition.

We overdyed the light gray Lamb's Pride with Wilton® icing gel in Delphinium blue and McCormick® red. The small snippets of yarn on top of the hanks show the color of the dye bath.

Lamb's PrideBlue Wilton and red McCormick overdye

The Wilton® Delphinium is a bright denim.

The McCormick® red is...well, pink. I hesitate to call it "pink" because many knitters don't do pink. So how about heathered bubblegum?

Hints about dyeing

  • Allow several hours soaking time to be sure the yarn is wet all the way through.
  • Large hanks can be very heavy when wet. Place on a towel until almost dry and then hang.
  • Lamb's Pride is a blend of wool and mohair. Both fibers dye equally well.

Yarn Band information

85% wool 15% mohair

US 10 1/2 needle, 4oz., 113 grams, about 125 yards

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