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Our videos and super-snazzy pages chock full of instructions, photos and links:

  • When to add the vinegar: how to achieve solid colors and special effect, saving money on vinegar.
  • Keep your hanks from getting into gigantic knots.
  • Dye your own fleece, cheaper than store-bought and in better colors, too.
  • How lightfast are food dyes: which food colors to use if your worried about fading and how they stack up to professional acid-dyes. Instructions on how to test your own food colors in the sun.
  • What do you mean by that word? Crocking? Halos? What's it all mean?
  • How to dye several yarns that go together. A page of hints and a video.
  • How to hand paint yarn, the fast way with jars of dye. A great video.
  • How to immersion dye with plastic baggies and the microwave. Bonus how to make fortified Kool-Aid. And page of hints and a video.
  • Making pastel colors. Expand the number of colors you can make by two - full strength and pastel. 2 pages of Wilton pastel colors and instructions.
  • Red Food Color for Dyeing Wool Yarn
    Hints for using red food color, why you might want to use red 40.
  • Which Black Food Color Should You Use to Dye Wool Yarn?
    Should you use McCormick drops or Wilton black food color? Photos of dyed yarn and hints.
  • Blue Food Color Dyeing Wool Yarn
    Which brand of blue food color to use to dye wool yarn. Why blue brakes or halos. Photos of yarn dyed with Wilton and Kool-Aid.
  • Skeining and dyeing mini-hanks. Whether your making samples for reference or small hanks for a beekeepers quilt, this is the page for you.
  • Using sweater arms for knitting blanks.
  • Creating a Scrapbook. Made with real yarn scraps! Keep track of your formulas in a tiny space.
  • Have a bunch of mini-hanks that you want to have handy, but they end up in a big snarl? How to tame your collection.
  • Make darker colors, start with a gray base yarn.
  • Breaking Black Wilton. A page of hints and a video with the Kool-est music ever!
  • Hints on selecting the correct type of base yarn, and examples of base yarns dyed red and blue and also self-stripping hanks.
  • You can dye wool/nylon blend yarn with food color. And you can wear a pair of nylons to put on your legs. Find out how.
  • You can dye silk with food color, too.
  • How do black and orange food colors compare?
  • More Green recipes. And hints on using green.
  • Save That Ugly Yarn, Overdye It
    Photos of yarn overdyed with Kool-Aid, McCormick, Wilton and Great Value food color.
  • pink
  • orange
  • gold
  • green
  • light green
  • light pink
  • light gray
  • light blue
  • Dye your own Camo yarn. Formulas for greens, browns, grays and tans.

See tons of colored yarn over-dyed with food color. Use up that hideous yarn, make it a color that you do want.

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