Halloween Yarn Contest

Fall is a great time to dye, so we hosted a Halloween yarn contest.

Each of the scrumptious hanks and superb finish object were made with food color and wool or wool blend yarns.

Dyer : Karen

Food Color : Mix of several Club House drops, Wiltons Black, and a splash of Kool-Aid Grape.

Yarn: Herrschner’s Platinum Collection Lambswool with washable wool.

The skein named Zombie Barf magically became Maddox the Mischievous Zombie

The perfect idea for using your hand dyed yarn.

Dyer : Swirley

Food Color: Kroger brand neon purple mixed with Berry Blue Kool-Aid

A superior purple formula. A tricky crochet pattern. Equals a treat of a shawl!

Dyer : Ravyn78

Food Color: "McCormick black and Kroger red and blue food coloring. I may have tossed some Black Cherry Kool-Aid into the “blood” mixture as well…"

Yarn: Wool2Dye4 Sheila’s Sparkle

Just a note, black McCormick won't break.

Dyer : Carolinej

Food Color : Wilton red and green

Yarn: frogged from a thrift shop sweater, silk/angora.

The skein is called Liquidised Frog.

It made a wonderfully spooky Halloween hat for a teddy.

Dyer: Karen

Food Color: Kool-Aid Orange & Club House yellow drops

Yarn : Lion Brand Fishermens' Aran

This is Stevie Halloweenie. He has wonderful slippers. Or maybe he is wearing real jack-o-lanterns!

Dyer : Maryskid

Food Color: "I used Wilton’s Royal Blue and Golden Yellow to handpaint and then overdyed it, after knitting with Kool-Aid Berry Blue".

Yarn : reclaimed cream colored 100% wool yarn

Beautiful and thrifty!

Dyer: Leticia

Food Colors : "For the multi-colored, I used Wilton’s Leaf Green, Kool-Aid in flavors Watermelon Cherry, Tropical Punch, and Strawberry Kiwi. It was dyed using the solar ice cube method. For the tonal pink (trim), I used several packages of Watermelon Cherry, Strawberry, and Strawberry Kiwi Kool-Aid, on the stove.

Yarn: Stitch Nation Washable Ewe (Cottontail).

Lower photo is the garment being blocked.

Dyer : Chileblanco

Food Color : lots of blue and green

Yarn, presented in a eerrie baby bowl.

And knitted into the perfect hat (viewed from the crown) to showcase it.

If you want to knit this hat go to

Dyer : Chileblanco

Food color : Easter Egg Dye, Kool- Aid and a few drops of neon food color.

Yarn : from a J Crew sweater.

A terrific Metroid hat.

Dyer : Maryskid

Food Color: Easter egg dye, one brown tablet and one spring green tablet (it was in a box that had some “camouflage” colors at Goodwill for .50 box added to their usual 6 brights).

Yarn : reclaimed white 100% merino wool (from a woman’s sweater).

Dyer : Karen

Food Color : Kool-Aid Orange, Kool-Aid Lime, mix of Wilton’s black & other dark dyes.

Yarn : Lion Brand Fishermens' Wool in Birch Tweed.

The perfect halloween trio.

Woo hoo, Walnut hulls. Another super idea!

Dyer : Pam

Food Color : "I used Wilton's Burgundy and walnut hulls! I used your formula for the Pantone Honeysuckle but it came out a bit on the bright side. I was trying for a pink and brown and got a (pretty good) pink but only a soft beige. Not exactly what I was going for but I thought it came out nice anyway. It was soooo fun to do!"

Yarn : Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool

Pam says " I tried out a few different stitch patterns attempting to bring out the colors in a nice way. I ended up finding the Daisy St. in Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting. I thought this stitch did a good job of showing off the color variance."

Dyer : Alita Casey

Food Color : "Started out by brewing a strong pot of coffee, adding a bit of vinegar and submerging my yarn in that for a bit. Then I added random splotches of red, blue and green food coloring and heating it up on the stove."

The second photo is the yarn in the dye pot.

Try some coffee next time you dye!

Yarn : Wool 2 Dye 4

Dyer : Nitika

Food Color : "Happy with my yarn - rosy purple, warm brown, and cool pewter. Subtle, deep, and cozy. Dyed with orange, cherry and strawberry-kiwi Kool-Aid plus Wilton’s Violet and Royal Blue.

Yarn : Garnstudio DROPS Fabel

Dyer : Nitika

Food Color: " Dyed in several stages by steeping in dye solution in my crockpot. Each time I tied each 50g skein in an overhand knot (sometimes 2 or 3) to protect certain areas from taking the colour. Each time I left the yarn in the dye solution for 10-15 minutes, by which time the dye was close to exhausted, then retied, added a slightly different dye mix, and redyed.

Final step was to sprinkle on some straight Kool-Aid powder to create tiny flecks of colour. I did this onto the wet but not dripping yarn after it had been gently squeezed out. Then set the dye by steaming in the microwave.

Food colouring used: 1 packet Grape Kool-Aid, 1 packet Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid, 1.5 packets IBRL Kool-Aid, and less than 1/4 tsp Wilton’s Ivory. Plus a couple of tiny pinches of Cherry Kool-Aid for sprinkling at the end.

Yarn : Scheepjeswol Invicta Extra

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