Halloween Colors -
Black, Orange and Purple

Need to whip up some Halloween colors for a pair of wool socks?

How about some matching cupcake frosting?

These formulas will even work to color adult beverages.

A. McCormick Black
B. Wilton Black (original formula Black)
C. McCormick 2 drops Blue plus 2 drops Black
D. AmeriColor Super Black as pastel gray
E. AmeriColor Super Black

A. AmeriColor Burgundy and Chocolate
B. AmeriColor Electric Yellow and Red Red
C. AmeriColor Electric Orange and Red Red
D. AmeriColor Electric Pink and Egg Yellow
E. Kool-Aid Orange
F. McCormick 1 drop Yellow plus 5 drops Red
G. Wilton Copper
H. McCormick 2 drops Red and 2 drops Neon Green
I. Kool-Aid Peach Mango

A. AmeriColor Violet and Purple
B. Wilton Rose and Teal
C. AmeriColor Violet
D. AmeriColor Electric Purple
E. AmeriColor Purple
F. Wilton Violet
G. Kool-Aid Grape
H. Kool-Aid 1 part Strawberry plus 3 part Berry Blue
I. McCormick 1 drop Blue plus 3 drops Neon Purple
J. Great Value 1 drop Red plus 3 drops Blue

Black Hints

Because there is no true pure black food color, it can be tough to get stark black.

McCormick tends to be brown, and Wilton (original formula Black) breaks easily if you aren't careful.

AmeriColor has Super Black which is not only easy to use, but closer to "inside a bat cave, at night" black. And it comes in a great big bottle.

Another whole page of black hints, here.

Orange Hints

Recall back to Kindergarten, yellow and red equals orange.

The problem is yellow food color is much stronger then most red food color. In formula F. five times as much red is used.

If you don't want to spend a lot of time fiddling, eyeball this selection of oranges - salmon, orange soda, red coral and pumpkin.

Sample H (good for jack-o-lanterns) is actually made using neon green and red.

Purple hints

Kool-Aid tends to make a dusky purple. If you'd prefer something more shocking , Wilton Violet is the color of grape soda while AmeriColor Electric Purple is more red.

Need even more shades of purple to choose from? Here's a whole bunch of purple.

See formulas for Kool-Aid colors, our most popular page.

How to choose a baseyarn. Wool, wool blends and superwash. Examples of dyed and undyed yarn.

Formulas for fashion colors, right off the catwalk.

Do you recycle yarn? Examples of colored yarn overdyed into other colors.

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