Overdye Gold Yarn

Remember Harvest Gold? Shudder!

Would you buy 1000 yards of lopi wool gold yarn? At 50 cents a hank?

With a few pennies worth of food color, you can make it into almost any hue (except white).

Below are samples using Wilton Icing gel and McCormick food color drops.

(Note: The large gold ball in the photo is the original yarn color.)

A. McCormick Yellow = amber.

B. McCormick Red = International orange.

C. McCormick Green = forest green.

D. McCormick Blue = pine green.

E. McCormick Neon Purple = burgundy.

F. McCormick Neon Pink = the same color as McCormick Red.

G. McCormick Neon Green = lime.

H. McCormick Neon Blue = teal.

I. Wilton Black (original formula Black) = seal brown.

J. Wilton Blue = navy.

K. Wilton Brown = bronze.

L. Wilton Burgundy = mahogany.

M. Wilton Copper = coral.

N. Wilton Kelly = India green.

O. Wilton No Taste Red = Portland orange.

P. Wilton Pink= tea rose.

Q. Wilton Pink Rose = bittersweet.

R. Wilton Red = flame.

S. Wilton Royal = phthalo blue.

T. Wilton Purple = violet.

U. Wilton Sky = mantis.

V. Wilton Teal = cobalt.

W. Wilton Violet = pansy.

How were the colors made?

The yarn is 1 yard of bulky lopi gold yarn.

One drop of McCormick food color was used for each sample in the first photo.

A trace of Wilton gel (the amount that coats a half an inch of a toothpick) was used in the other two photos.

My goal was to use only enough food color to slightly change the color. The orange samples would have been closer to red if twice as much food color was used. Red is a weaker color than green, blue and black.

Some of the samples are a bit mottled because lopi is thick and fuzzy. The food color bonds with the outer surface and leaves the core undyed.

For more solid colors soak the yarn in the dyebath without vinegar overnight or longer.

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