100% Dyeable
Full o' Sheep

The ball band recommends hand washing in cold water but as long as you are careful, you can dye Full o' Sheep.

I recommend using a meat or candy thermometer and keeping your dyebath under 180 F. Move the hank as little as possible in the dyebath. Allow the yarn to cool to room temperature naturally. Fill a pan with clean water and allow the yarn to soak to remove excess dye.

Full o' Sheep is 100 percent wool. You can make very saturated color because there isn't any undyeable fiber in the yarn.

There is a bit of variation in thickness of the yarn. The yarn is slightly twisted.

Our dyebaths were Wilton icing gel in Delphinium blue and McCormick red.

The red hank dyed a solid color but there was a variation in the blue (parts were a bit more purple).

full o' sheepdyed full o' sheep

Yarn Band information

100% wool

US 9 needle, 3.5 oz, about 155 yards

Full o' Sheep is also available in chianti, poppy, clementine, cupcake, lavender, passionfruit, honeycomb, meadow, thyme, aquamarine, mediterranean, hazelnut, little lamb (white), and black sheep.

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