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Fishermens Wool

I've dyed 5 skeins of Lion Brand Fishermens wool.

Which might not sound like a humungous amount at 2,325 yards, but it's all been in 1 and 3 yard pieces.

This yarn is my constant. The majority of samples on this site were made with it as a base yarn.

Fishermens wool comes in 465 yard skeins in natural, oatmeal, brown heather, nature's brown, oak tweed, maple tweed and birch tweed.

The oak tweed is an enjoyable change of pace for dyeing because it's made of a natural and brownish-black ply. So after dyeing there's a nice striped effect.

If your dyebath is a gold or brown, the stripe appears brown. With pink, blue and purple it looks more black.

Visually, there is about a third to a fourth of the dark ply, so it doesn't overpower the color you've chosen.

The oatmeal is called "light taupe". I haven't played with it yet, but it should dull down the brighter food colors. Although it remains to be seen whether shades as vibrant as Cherry Kool-Aid will look any different on oatmeal or natural.

Fishermens contains lanolin. Not enough to smell or effect dyeing. It is a bit rougher to the touch before dyeing.

There is a note on Lion Brand's website that one or more yarns in the line is blended with 13% acrylic and 9% rayon, but not which skeins that would be.

The labels I have from the natural and oatmeal say 100% wool.

The natural dyes quite dark and evenly. In fact, unless I was trying to break Wilton black, royal or violet, this yarn has never haloed.

It also tangles less easily than other brands after dyeing.

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