Dye Your Own Camo Yarn

You can buy camo yarn in 100 percent acrylic, but you'll have to look hard for wool yarn - unless you dye your own.

Most camo features dark green, which isn't spiffy if you're standing in a desert.

But with these color formulas you can dye perfect yarn for .... blending into the swamp, the sand or the urban landscape.

Great for bird watching mitts, hunting beanies, even a Ghillie suit.

A. Wilton Brown plus a trace of McCormick Black

B. Wilton Brown plus a trace of McCormick Red

C. Wilton Brown plus a trace of McCormick Yellow

D. Wilton Brown

E. Wilton Juniper

F. AmeriColor Leaf

G. AmeriColor Forest

H. McCormick 2 parts Yellow and 2 parts Black

I. McCormick 3 parts Red and 1 part Black

J. McCormick 2 parts Red and 2 parts Black

K. Kool-Aid 3 parts Orange and 1 part Lemon Lime

L. Great Value 1 part Red and 3 parts Green

M. Wilton 1 part Kelly plus 1 part Blue

N. Wilton 1 part Kelly plus 1 part Violet

O. Wilton 1 part Kelly plus 1 part Purple

P. AmeriColor 1 part Electric Blue plus 1 part Chocolate

Q. AmeriColor 1 part Red plus 1 part Black

R. AmeriColor 1 part Lemon plus 1 part Black

S. AmeriColor 1 part Lemon plus 1 part Purple

T. AmeriColor 1 part Forest plus 1 part Black

Hints on Dyeing

Wilton icing gel, AmeriColor icing color, McCormick food color drops and Great Value food color drops need vinegar to set.

The amount of vinegar depends on the acidity of your water and the hue of the food color.

Yellow and red needs less vinegar and blue requires the most.

If this is your first time dyeing, try a teaspoon of vinegar to 8 ounces of water as a starting point.

You can follow the Kool-Aid directions below.

Super-Simple Kool-Aid Dyeing Instructions (for Kool-Aid only)

  1. soak yarn in plain water for at least an hour
  2. mix a packet of Kool-Aid with 8 ounces water in a jar or cup
  3. gently squeeze the yarn until it is just damp
  4. place yarn in a microwave-safe bowl with a cover.
  5. pour the Kool-Aid dye stock over the yarn
  6. microwave for two minutes and let cool for ten minutes
  7. repeat heating and cooling cycle until the water in the bottom of the bowl is clear
  8. allow to cool completely and the rinse with cool water
  9. dry yarn (not in sunshine)

One skein or many?

You can either dye several hanks a single color or a giant hank several colors.

Here is a video and instructions on handpainting (just substitute the suggested colors).

Need a hank in Safety Orange?

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