Blue Formulas
Kool-Aid, Wilton and
Other Food Colors

You can't make blue from scratch, but you can make custom shades with blue formulas.

The samples of blue wool yarn are favorites from these pages - Kool-Aid, Wilton, McCormick and three brands of Easter Egg dye.

Many of the samples are jewel-tones, but if you prefer pastels, we have pages with instructions. (The samples are Wilton but the instructions will work for any brand of food color.)

After the photos are blue formulas and hints.

A = Wilton Teal
B = Wilton Teal Pastel
C = Wilton Teal + trace McCormick Black
D = Wilton Sky
E = Wilton Sky Pastel
F = Wilton Sky + trace McCormick Black
G = Wilton Royal
H = Wilton Royal Pastel
I = Wilton Royal + trace McCormick Black
J = Wilton Blue
K = Wilton Blue Pastel
L = Wilton Blue + trace McCormick Black

M = McCormick Neon Blue
N = McCormick Neon Blue + trace McCormick Black
O = McCormick Blue
P = Kool-Aid Berry Blue
Q = Kool-Aid Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Samples R to k are 1 to 1
R = Wilton Rose + Blue
S = Wilton Copper + Blue
T = Wilton Skintone + Sky
U = Wilton Sky + Hannah Montana Purple
V = Wilton Teal + Sky
W = Wilton Sky + Violet
X = Wilton Pink + Purple
Y = Wilton Royal + Purple
Z = Wilton Royal + Blue
a = Wilton Royal + Violet

b = Easter Unlimited Easter Egg Dye Blue
c = Dudley Easter Egg Dye Pink + Blue
d = Dudley Easter Egg Dye Purple + Blue
e = Dudley Easter Egg Dye Red + Blue
f = Easter Unlimited Easter Egg Dye Red + Blue

g = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Blue + Teal
h = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Purple + Denim
i = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Purple + Blue
j = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Denim + Teal
k = PAAS Classic Egg Kit Denim + Blue

l = McCormick 3 Parts Neon Blue + 1 part Neon Purple
m = McCormick 2 Parts Neon Blue + 2 parts Neon Purple
n = McCormick 1 Part Neon Blue + 3 parts Neon Purple
o = McCormick 3 Parts Red + 1 part Neon Blue
p = McCormick 2 Parts Red + 2 parts Neon Blue
q = McCormick 1 Part Red + 3 parts Neon Blue

When using blue formulas to make dark shades, sometimes the dyebath won't go clear. Find out why and how to fix this.

Blue Formula Hints

Some of these food colors are no longer sold, but many dyers have them squirreled away (which is a good idea - don't assume your favorite flavor or color will always be in production).

Wilton Blue was available in a cartoon character set. Kool-Aid Berry Blue
and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade are not usually in the supermarket but can sometimes be found in discount stores or online. Hannah Montana purple is discontinued.

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