Blue Kool-Aid on Blue Yarn and Other Flavors, too.

Blue Kool-Aid is hard to find in the stores. But here's a trick.

If you start with a blue yarn, you can overdye it. This yarn is thrifted blue cashmere.

Bonus: not only will you discover unexpected color combos, but you can recycle any pastel wool sweater for this project.

We tested Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Grape, Soaring Strawberry and Strawberry.

Kool-Aid has made three blue flavors in the last two years - Ice Blue Raspberry, Berry Blue and Mixed Berry. All are the same type of food color, but they vary in shade.

Soaring Strawberry and Strawberry Kiwi are almost the same color, Kiwi is a bit darker

Cherry, Strawberry and Fruit Punch are almost the same color red! (Punch's very last ingredient is blue1). So save your self time traveling to multiple stores in search of three dozen, say Fruit Punches, and just buy a mix of three dozen packages of any of these flavors.

Lemonade is a weak color, so I use McCormick yellow.

This scrumptious yarn was rescued from a church sale. The craftsmanship was awesome, and I felt a stab in the heart as I unraveled it. Areas of the sleeves were too frayed to wear as a sweater.

There are lots of discarded sweaters out in the world for you to rescue for a higher purpose. Frog and dye! Yee haw!

Pastel pink and yellow wool is usually lurking in the sweater rack at thrift stores and is entertaining to play with.

And don't forget to visit the men's sweater aisle for a source of gray wool yarn.

More colors overdyed including gold, orange, green, pink and blue.

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How to Make Pastel Colored Wilton.

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