Huggable Hues with
Bernat Alpaca

Natural Bernat Alpaca dye with food color.

Bernat Alpaca is smoosh on your face soft.

Too bad it doesn't come in all your favorite colors.

Oh wait, you know how to use food colors to dye yarn.

You can make any color you can imagine!

The free pattern on the current ball band is chic black cowl hood. I think it would look spiffy dyed as a stormy ocean colorway of gray toned greens and blues.

Bernat Alpaca is 70 percent Acrylic and 30 percent Alpaca. Food colors won't dye acrylic so you won't be able to make saturated hues. But there is enough alpaca to make pastel tones.

The dyebaths were Wilton icing gel in Delphinium blue and McCormick red.

The red hank is heathery, you can see some strands that are darker then others.

For some reason the blue hank is more evenly colored. This could be due to the shade of food color or that parts of the hank are more blended than others.

The food color also brings out a shine that isn't obvious in the undyed yarn.

Bernat Alpaca wool yarnfood color on Bernat Alpaca

Dyeing Hints

If you've dyed yarn before, you might be frustrated on how much darker the colors appear on the wet yarn. For dark pastels you will need quite a bit of food color.

It is best to cut off a few yards of yarn to test your dyebath if there is a specific shade you want.

The damp yarn resembles a wet cat, very skinny and pathetic. Once the yarn dries, it will be its fluffy, shiny self.

Yarn Band information

70% Acrylic 30% alpaca. The color is natural.

US 10 needle, 100 grams, about 120 yards
Also available in wheat, lemongrass, poppy, cherry, tundra, ebony, indigo, sky, peony, stone, aqua, fern, forest, plum, lavender and tomato.

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Take the guess work out of blending McCormick food color. Here are formulas.

See colored yarn overdyed with food colors. Turn ug into Zowie.

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