Bamboo Ewe Overdye

Not every dye job is successful.

While I love Bamboo Ewe's Geranium color, I promised to overdye at least a few yards. Geranium could be overdyed darker red, purple, brown or black. But not orange, it is just too red.

The yarn lost a bit of luster. I'm not sure why. The sample was dyed in the microwave. Perhaps heating on the stove would have been better because it is easier to control the temperature.

We overdyed the cheery red Bamboo Ewe with Wilton icing gel in Sky blue and McCormick yellow. The small snippets of yarn on top of the hanks show the color of the dyebath.

bambooewe wool yarnfood color on bambooewe

The Wilton sky produced a red maple leaf hue.

The hank of bamboo ewe in the dark yellow dyebath still appears to be the original shade. And I used a lot of yellow.

Mercury is an interesting gray, and might make an excellent candidate for overdyeing.

Yarn Band information

55% bamboo 45% wool

US 8 needle, 3.5 oz, about 177 yards

Bamboo Ewe comes in Buttercup, Geranium, Mercury, Beach Grass, Eucalyptus,Mermaid, Grape, Sprout, Snapdragon, Periwinkle, Twilight, and Lipstick.

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