Superior Saturation
Lion Brand Alpine Wool

Lion Brand Alpine wool dyed with food color.

Lion Brand Alpine Wool is squeezable and great for hats and scarves.

The colors are Vanilla, Blueberry, Chili, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Olive, Oatmeal and Barley.

Just the colors that you would expect to find in the mens' outerwear department.

Maybe you would like Alpine in bright colors? A bit of food color, vinegar and heat, you can have any color you want.

For saturated colors, this yarn is one of the best wool blends I tested. Even with 15% acrylic and 8% rayon the mini-hanks soaked up a good amount of food color.

This bulky oatmeal loosely spun yarn has areas of black, brown and white. The white flecks weren't obvious until the hanks were dyed.

The dyebaths were Wilton icing gel in Delphinium blue and McCormick red.

alpine wool yarnfood color on alpine

The Wilton Delphinium blue produced a denim which highlighted the sienna and cream flecks. The McCormick red is really red (rather than pink in other yarn samples tested). The black flecks show up well.

Hints about dyeing
  • Allow several hours soaking time to be sure the yarn is wet all the way through.
  • A large wet hank can be very heavy. After dyeing allow the hank to rest laying on towels until the yarn is barely damp. Then the hank can be hung to dry further.
  • Bulky yarns used more dye than thinner weight yarns.

Yarn Band information

77% wool 15% acrylic 8% rayon

US 10 needle, 3 oz, about 93 yardsColors: Vanilla, Blueberry, Chili, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Olive, Oatmeal and Barley.

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This yarn is excellent for Hand-Painting. Here's how to do it.

Store Samples of your yarn in a handy ringbinder, like this....

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