AmeriColor Formulas for
126 Colors

All AmeriColor Formulas in snazzy new Photos!

AmeriColor is food color in a gel form. General information on buying and using this brand and what these colors look like right out of the bottles, found here.

Each pair of colors was tested at a ratio of 1 to 1.

AmeriColor requires vinegar to bond.

AmeriColor Formula Key

  • EY = Electric Yellow
  • EO = Electric Orange
  • EPK = Electric Pink
  • EB = Electric Blue
  • EP = Electric Purple
  • RR = Red Red
  • E = Egg
  • L = Lemon
  • LF = Leaf
  • F = Forest
  • BU = Burgundy
  • V = Violet
  • P = Regal Purple
  • B = Royal Blue
  • S = Sky Blue
  • C = Chocolate
  • BK = Super Black

 Electric Yellow

AmeriColor Electric Yellow added to other food colors.

Electric Yellow is a strong yellow with a slight orange tint. Mixtures are bright and springy.

Electric Orange

AmeriColor Electric Orange added to other food colors

Electric Orange has a brown tint and produces the colors of Autumn leaves.

Electric  Pink

AmeriColor Electric Pink added to other food colors.

Electric Pink is a weak color and produces floral colors.

Electric Blue

AmeriColor Electric Blue added to other food colors.

Electric Blue is a very strong color, with less red than Royal Blue.

Electric Purple

Electric purple AmeriColor food color added to other colors

Electric Purple works as a gray to tone down other colors.


AmeriColor RedRed added to other food colors

Red-Red is a weaker color than red flavors of Kool-Aid, which is a good thing. Red Kool-Aid overpowers other colors. AmeriColor Red-Red plays nice with other colors.

Egg and Lemon

AmeriColor Egg and Lemon added to other food colors

Egg yellow tends to orange. Lemon leans slightly to green.

Photo three is Leaf, Forest, Burgundy, and Violet. Violet is a weak color.

The last photo is Purple and Royal Blue.

Hints on AmeriColor Formulas

Electric Orange is a mineral orange.

Egg is gold while Lemon is slightly green.

Electric Yellow is halfway between Egg and Lemon.

Electric Blue and Royal are darker colors than most.

Violet and Regal Purple need to have the red set before you add more vinegar to set the blue. They also lose some of the red as the dye bath ages if you don't use it all within the two or three days.

Sky Blue and Royal Blue are different colors. Royal has red added. But when mixed with other colors, especially the dark ones, the resulting mixtures are so close in color that the camera couldn't show the difference.

Dark green isn't one of my favorite colors, however Forest is a great color to have for mixtures.

Hints on Finding AmeriColor Products

I live near a big American city, but I order AmeriColor online. My local craft stores don't carry it. My local baking supply store carries only basic colors.

Currently, Hobby Lobby sells AmeriColor, but Joann and Michael's doesn't.

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