10 Food Colors to Keep on Hand

Here's 10 Food Colors - a mix of the easiest to use, the most concentrated,  and the blackest black.

Expanding your food color collection? Or you want the fewest products with the biggest bang for the buck?

Get your shopping list ready!

First the eye candy.....

Column one

Wilton Kelly

Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime

AmeriColor Chocolate

AmeriColor Black

Column two

Wilton Violet

AmeriColor Purple

Kool-Aid Mixed Berry

Wilton Teal

Wilton Royal Blue

Column three

Wilton Lemon

Kool-Aid Orange

Kool-Aid Strawberry

Wilton No Taste Red

A Bit About Each of the 10 Food Colors

Wilton Kelly - a clear green without any red.

Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime - good for mixing complex colors that you won't believe came from a drink mix.

AmeriColor Chocolate - a warm brown, stronger than Wilton brown.

AmeriColor Black - the closest to real black of any brand and harder to break than Wilton.

Wilton Violet - requires the vinegar to be added in two steps to get an even color. Redder than purple.

AmeriColor Purple - the easiest purple to use. Darker and bluer than violet.

Wilton Teal- more concentrated than Kool-Aid Mixed Berry but the same color.

Kool-Aid Mixed Berry - no vinegar needed but getting harder to find in stores.

Wilton Royal Blue - Teal with added red.

Wilton Lemon - Same color as Kool-Aid Lemon-Ade but much stronger.

Kool-Aid Orange - good for making other colors including leaf green and warm browns.

Kool-Aid Strawberry - a easy to use red, but it may fade over time.

Wilton No Taste Red- made from red 40, so it won't break. Less expensive than Kool-Aid.

Why Are There 13 Colors in the Photo?

Teal and Mixed Berry are really the same colors. So is Strawberry and No Taste Red.

Kool-Aid is easier to use because you don't need to add vinegar. But the Wilton Icing gels are cheaper in the long run.

Use whichever you're more comfortable with.

Violet and Purple are slightly different. Wilton is avaliable in more stores but the AmeriColor purple is much easier to use.

What About McCormick?

I use oooddles of McCormick food color.

Yellow is especially good as a substitute for Kool-Aid Lemonade.

But, McCormick primary colors add red (even to the yellow), which can throw off your color mixing.

I love McCormick Neons, but they are a bit weak to use on large skeins if you want saturated colors.

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